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Designer roman Maia Ratiu


Design is the power to enliven an object at a glance!

The power to give it the wings of creation and to bring it back to life through your own eyes.

Inspired by this idea, the Maia Ratiu brand was born. After a short internship at Jolidon and Prelude, I decided it was time for Maia to find her own way in the fahsion industry. Thus, in 2012, a new, refreshing brand with modern motifs and bold textures stepped into the fashion world.

In 2015, within Feeric Fashion Week, an impressive collection already crossed Romania's borders. Unique pieces inspired by Greek dresses, made of silk, with fine cuts and unique personality, enjoyed the eyes of the greatest critics. Then the Maia Ratiu collections were to visit Paris at the same time at the invitation of Oxfort Fashion Studio.

The expansion of the brand has already begun to take shape outside of Romania. That's why specialized magazines and international buyers have not overlooked these appearances. In 2015 Maia Ratiu appears in an editorial in the Parisian specialty magazine, Trends Prive.

Each piece Maia Ratiu has always been highlighted by bold cutting techniques and high quality standards. All collections are made in Romania, in the specialized workshops in Cluj and Maramures. It takes about 48 hours to make a dress, and 3 people that combine their talent, passion for beauty and creativity to create true pieces of art, unique garments made of 100% quality materials: natural silk, cotton and viscose. All dresses are handmade from the base cutting stage, machine stitching and assembly of print parts to fitting the zipper, manual silk lapping, and quality technical control.

Maia Ratiu

“I firmly believe that women are currently looking for dresses that fit their personality, as well as dresses designed to be art pieces with unique cuts and bold textures, so that's what I do.”